Submission Deadline: Before September 30, 2017
Acceptance Notification: October 20, 2017
Registration Deadline: Before November 5, 2017
Camera-Ready Paper Submission: November 5, 2017
Conference Date: December 11-13, 2017

Conference Secretary: Yoyo Chow

Telephone:  +1-858-866-9105 (USA)
+86-28-86512185 (China)


Full Paper (Publication & Presentation)

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Conference Committees

Conference Co-chairs

Prof. Dan A Allwood, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, The University of Sheffield, UK
Prof. John P. T. Mo, RMIT University, School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Melbourne, Australia

Technical Program Chairs

Assoc. Prof. Samer Alfayad, UVSQ , Paris-Saclay University 10-12 Avenue de lEurope, 78140 V´elizy, France
Assoc. Prof. Tang S. H., Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, UPM, Malaysia
Prof. Shingo Okamoto, Mechanical Engineering of Ehime University, Japan

Technical Program Committees

Prof. Patrick Bonnin, LISV Laboratory, Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines,France
Prof. Tabti Noureddine, Université M'hamed Bougara, Avenue de l'indépendance, Boumerdès, Algérie
Prof. Shujiro Dohta, Department of Intelligent Mechanical Engineering, Okayama University of Science, Japan
Prof. Alexandr O. Shimanovsky, Belarusian State University of Transport, Gomel, Belarus
Assoc. Prof. Jing Xingjian, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
Prof. Adriana Florescu, Engineering and Industrial Management, Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania
Dr. José Saenz, Business Unit Robotic Systems Fraunhofer IFF, Magdeburg, Germany
Dr. Wataru Kobayashi, Department of Intelligent Mechanical Engineering, Okayama University of Science, Japan
Dr. Budko Artem, Southern Federal University, Scientist Research Institute of Robotics and Control, Russian
Dr. Guelailia Ahmed, Satellite Development Center, Research Department of Space Mechanics, Algeria
Prof. Alberto Valero, Robotics Lab, Univ. Carlos III, SPAIN
Dr. Concepción Alicia Monje Micharet, Robotics Lab, Univ. Carlos III, SPAIN
Prof. Tribikram Kundu, The University of Arizona, Arizona
Prof. Pradeep Kumar, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India
Prof. Anup Kumar Saha, National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, India
Prof. K. P. Maity, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India
Prof. H. K. Raval, S.V.National Institute of Technology, India
Prof. A. Rama Krishna, Andhra University, India
Prof. A. K. Agrawal, Institute of Technology, India
Prof. A. V. N. Rao, National Institute of Technology, India
Prof. Bidyut Kumar Bhattacharya, Bengal Engineering and Science University, India
Prof. R. Venkata Rao, Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, India
Prof. S.A. Channiwala, Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, India
Prof. A. Chandra Shakera Kumar, JNTU College of Engineering, India
Prof. Vinod Yadava, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, India
Prof. M. Altamush Siddiqui, Aligarh Muslim University, India
Dr. Dewan Muhammad Nuruzzaman, Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology, India
Dr. F. Ebrahimi, University of Tehran, Iran
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